Press Release: Effective Treatment for Osteoarthritis – Glucosamine Sulfate

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common complaints that presents to our office on a daily basis which fortunately can be treated effectively with a supplement known as Glucosamine sulfate.

In the past few decades, extremely favorable and extensive research has shown that Glucosamine sulfate at the pharmaceutical grade level may have tremendous therapeutic effects that will mitigate both the pain and progression of the disease, Osteoarthritis.  The study also concluded that many of the participants had reversal of the cartilaginous destruction proven by x-ray analysis.  This research was born out of successful outcomes from animal studies and application in veterinarian practice showing remarkable improvements in pets of all breeds.  This led to the FDA funding a 22 million dollar double-blind randomized placebo controlled trial which in turn was followed up by many other large studies showing efficacy rates superior to all other oral therapeutic pharmacological medications.

Our facility prides itself in supplying only the absolute purest and most effective pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine on the market.  Please don’t hesitate to ask the Doctor about your joint pain.  I cannot make this point more clear that buying cheap supplements will result in expensive urine.

Call my office at 708-895-3228 or visit our website to learn more about the services at Lansing Chiropractic Clinic!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Timothy Durnin 


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About Dr. Timothy Durnin

Dr. Durnin is the owner of Lansing Chiropractic Clinic and Wellness Medical, S.C. He is a second generation Chiropractic Physician with over 27 years of clinical experience. Presently serving as co-admitting staff at Olympia Fields Osteopathic Hospital, (Now St. James Olympia Fields), for several years and writing many newspaper articles on wide ranges of neuromusculoskeletal pathologies and treatments, he is now in private practice serving the needs of south Chicago. He has been featured in many local newspapers for his extensive knowledge in neuromusculoskeletal disorders. He is a member: Phi Theta Kappa honorary fraternity, American Chiropractic Association, American Association of Spine Physicians, Illinois Chiropractic Society, Who's Who in America, Presidential Cabinet Member of the National Univerisity of Health Sciences and Board Certified in AMA Impairment Ratings, Medical Director Life extension Laser and a member of the Lansing Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Durnin is also a member of over 40 Qualified Credentialed Health Plans.
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